Supercross Champ

Supercross Champ

Written on 04/15/2021

In 2004 James "Bubba" Stewart became the first African American to dominate in motocross. He racked up a record-breaking eleven American Motorcyclist Association Amateur National titles and was named Rookie of the Year in his pro season debut in 2002. 

When Bubba Stewart was eight, he was a big fan of another racer named Jeff "Chicken" Matiasevich. James Bubba Stewart began calling himself "Baby Chicken," which somehow evolved into Bubba, and the name has stuck ever since. At that age, James "Bubba" Stewart traveled around the country with his family so he could compete in motocross races. The Stewarts lived in a motorhome and Bubba and his younger brother, Malcolm, were home-schooled. Many other kids resented that Bubba Stewart got to travel and miss school all the time, so he was sometimes teased and picked on.

Bubba Stewart continued to win races as a pro, he has also started to get big endorsements sponsors like Kawasaki, Gatorade, and Oakley, and he also has a role in an MX2002 video game for the PlayStation.

Over the years he earned the name "The Fastest Man On The Planet" due to his daredevil like abilities and speed in motocross racing. 

"One time James Sr. brought James to a race and the gatekeeper who let people in told him, "We don't allow negroes to race. Sorry." Big James looked the guy in the eye and told him, "We ain't here to race, we're here to win."

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