Alianza Hispano Americana

Alianza Hispano Americana

Written on 04/13/2021

The Alianza Hispano-Americana was founded on January 14, 1894, in Tucson, Arizona, by Carlos I. Velasco, Pedro C. Pellón, and Mariano G. Samaniego, as a fraternal benefit society. When AHA was established, most United States citizens could not depend on government social security programs, labor unions, or commercial life insurance to provide economic assistance to a family upon the loss of the chief family provider.

Membership in AHA was limited to Mexican Americans, however, it joined forces with the NAACP in 1954 to fight discrimination and offered musician Louis Armstrong an honorary membership in 1957. Women were allowed to join AHA in 1913 and in 1939 AHA membership climbed to 17,366, a monumental growth from its 1,171 members in 1907.

Unfortunately, due to budgetary woes, the AHA closed its doors in the late 1960's. 


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